Located at 26 Ford Street, Quercus Bookshop is a key destination for any book enthusiast.

The Quercus Bookshop was established to fund the activities of the then Beechworth Neighbourhood Centre. 11 years on, it continues to be a cornerstone of the community and more!

The bookshop is a wonderful welcoming space for all who enjoy engaging with literature. A treasure trove for quality second-hand books, you will have more choices as you leisurely browse through the bookshelves of the genre you are interested in. A visit to the bookshop can not only be relaxing but can also help you explore new authors.

We carry a great range of titles that suit every taste at affordable prices. We have an amazing collection of fiction and non-fiction books for adults, young readers and children.

Believe it or not, our bookshop unites people. Many people might say books are their best friend – this is true. What friends a bookshop gives you remains obvious. Special thanks to the volunteers who contribute their time so generously to ensure the bookshop is the special place it is and to the many people who donate their much-loved books to the Quercus Bookshop.

The Quercus bookshop would only exist with volunteers and your donations of quality books!

Find us

26 Ford Street, Beechworth
03 5728 2386

Open Mon-Sun, 10 am-4pm (including public holidays)